Long time friends Hamish Hamilton, Ian Stewart and Simon Pizey created Done + Dusted in London sometime in the late nineties. The company began shooting concert films and staging music festivals across Europe. They quickly became the biggest event and television event company in the UK.

Creativity, collaboration and excellent production management gained them an incredible client base. Joined quickly by Melanie Fletcher the company opened an office in New York City and took their unique blend of creativity, integrity and financial management into the USA. The client base grew, the offices moved to Los Angeles and welcomed Katy Mullan, David Jammy and Guy Carrington to the leadership team, focusing on development and new content.

As the first independent production company to film an Olympic opening ceremony the corporation continued to set records, win awards and tell stories for every generation. By 2018 Done + Dusted had staged and filmed events in every corner of the world. From ice caps to deserts, from skyscrapers to jungles the team have partnered with brands, broadcasters, royalty, digital platforms, audiences, agencies, educators, philanthropists, humanitarians and artists to create and film moving live spectacles.


Some brands we've worked with