Longtime friends Hamish Hamilton, Ian Stewart and Simon Pizey created Done+Dusted in London in the late 90s. Creativity, collaboration and excellent production management gained them an incredible client base that quickly became international in size and scope. Creative Director Russell Thomas and COO Melanie Fletcher soon joined the executive team and the company opened up a second office in America. Shortly after, Katy Mullan, David Jammy and Guy Carrington joined the executive team, bringing renewed focus on expansion, development and company philosophy.

Storytelling is the constant organising principle behind every great piece of entertainment in the world and it is at the heart of everything we do. Stories connect us, they move us, they make us laugh, and cry, and feel. Our stories define us. From ice caps to deserts, from skyscrapers to jungles, Done+Dusted has partnered with brands, broadcasters, royalty, digital platforms, audiences, agencies, educators, philanthropists, humanitarians and artists to create and film live spectacles in every corner of the world… anywhere and everywhere that stories are told.


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