DONE+DUSTED Creates Experiences.

DONE+DUSTED Immerses Audiences.

DONE+DUSTED Produces Spectacle.

D+D is a global creator of content, events and experiences with offices in Los Angeles, London and Abu Dhabi.

Over 25 years, D+D has forged an unrivaled reputation as a preeminent producer of events and broadcast across the planet; creating and capturing the moments that make global headlines and shape our culture. 

Storytelling is the constant organizing principle behind every great piece of entertainment and it is at the heart of everything D+D does.

From ice caps to deserts, from skyscrapers to jungles, D+D has partnered with Networks, Streamers,  Digital Platforms, Brands, Nations, Agencies, Educators, Gamers, Humanitarians and Artists to create spectacles in every corner of the world… anywhere and everywhere that stories are told.

D+D maintains a consistent level of excellence in everything it does, which is reflected in its unparalleled production credentials.

Whether it is producing the most watched television event in history - ‘The London Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies’,  the Apple TV+ world ratings blockbuster ‘Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special’, the ABC hit series of ‘Disney Singalongs’, the Google I/O flagship broadcast, EA Play, You Tube Originals most watched live event ever – ‘Dear Class of 2020’, the last four ‘Emmy Awards’ or the ABC ratings sensation ‘Little Mermaid Live!’, D+D's work bears the distinct badge of quality, spectacle and storytelling that makes it, unequivocally… “Done+Dusted”.

The D+D partners are Hamish Hamilton, Ian Stewart, Simon Pizey, Melanie Fletcher, Katy Mullan, Guy Carrington and David Jammy who are now surrounded by enough ‘yes’ people that they falsely believe they’re funny. 


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