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Guy Carrington

Guy Carrington

Executive Creative Director & Partner

About / Partners

Guy Carrington is an award-winning live television/event specialist who has fast made a name for himself as one of the most creative and meticulous live producers on the market.

Guy honed his craft working on a broad range of top-level entertainment, sports, and music programming, executing large-scale productions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Based in Los Angeles, and a partner in global Entertainment group, Done+Dusted, he has entrenched himself as the go-to expert in wrangling complex live event coverage, overseeing some of Done+Dusted’s biggest shows including The Emmy Awards, Fox’s New Year’s Eve: Live From Time Square and YouTube Originals' most-watched live streams such as Dear Class of 2020 and David Blaine: Ascension.

Today he is regarded amongst the best in the world, with a reputation for being unflappable in what might be the most pressurizing and stressful producing roles in the entertainment industry. Guy’s unique skill set combines unassuming confidence and affable leadership with an extraordinary capacity to hold huge productions with a myriad moving parts together. He is widely known amongst celebrity talent as a safe pair of hands, and he specializes in creating a calm atmosphere and a safe space for talent to shine in the high-stakes world of live programming.

With Covid turning the world on its head, Guy’s extensive reputation in the broadcast world cross fertilized with gaming and brands and in recent months he has produced some of the most prestigious live virtual corporate and gaming events. Guy is at his happiest at the cutting edge of reinventing how to bring moments and messages to the world, packaged in the guise of spectacular entertainment.