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Our capabilities cover every stage of production

We produce entertainment at the intersection of culture and commerce. We partner with streamers, broadcasters, brands, artists, gamers, nations, leaders, and educators. We deliver entertainment tailored to diverse audiences around the world.

IP Creation + Expansion

The biggest brands know that they can trust D+D with their most valuable IP, whether that means taking a beloved Disney property out of the vault and onto the stage for a live musical on a major network, or bringing a video game mascot to life in the room for an opening ceremony. We also work with clients to create and develop IP that is strongly and clearly realized, versatile, and future-proof.


Every project starts with an idea in the abstract. We help conceptualize ideas into concrete actionables for team members at every level of a project.

Creative Strategy

Our award-winning team knows exactly how to bring messaging to the masses in ways that rise above the noise while still speaking to the heart of culture.

Content Ideation

Audiences are consuming content in more ways than ever, and we have a deep understanding of what content works where and for what reasons. We supply clients with a robust and research-backed variety of content ideas that we do not stop generating until we’ve hit the mark.

Set Design

We work with the best set designers across the globe to create aesthetics that embrace form without sacrificing function, built to create shows that serve audiences watching in the room and via broadcast.  Our award-winning designs make an incredible (and lasting) first impression with audiences and clients.

Art Direction

From start to finish, productions need to look and feel like a cohesive whole. Our Art Directors are experts at making every element of production serve a singular and clear vision, conceived entirely in alignment with the client.


From the Primetime Emmy Awards to Google keynotes and more, D+D’s scriptwriting services are trusted to deliver clear, concise messaging in a way that keeps audiences engaged, no matter the medium.

Talent Outreach

Throughout our 25+ year history we’ve been fortunate to build strong professional relationships with a massive network of A-list talent across every medium. Our team is renowned for being professional, easy to work with, and fun; qualities that let us continue to collaborate with the biggest artists working today.

Original concept creation (LBE)

Great shows are borne of great ideas, and we are committed to working in lockstep with clients to create original concepts that bear spectacular productions. As a collaborative partner, D+D helps develop a concept from ideation all the way to its execution, whether it be an attention-grabbing stage presentation or an immersive experience or attraction on a show floor.

End-To-End Production Services

D+D’s greatest strength is our breadth of capabilities, a skillset that we have leveraged to take productions from concept to completion across pre-production, production, and post-production. We are also always happy to jump in wherever a client is at in their production process, integrating with existing teams and vendors.

Account Management

D+D’s account management services add efficiency and clarity to productions. We coordinate with vendors to deliver cohesive, high-level updates that let the client see and shape progress holistically. Shorter meetings, basically.

Set Build + Fabrication

Combined with our veteran team of set builders, our access to state-of-the-art fabrication techniques lets us work at any scale: from intimate concerts that seat 20, to opening ceremonies that seat 60,000+.

Tech-Driven Interactive Installations

For events that need to meet audiences on the floor with experiences that are fun, engaging, informative, or all of the above, we provide tech-driven installations that use the latest innovations to create unforgettable interactive moments that are tailored to match client brands and their messaging.

Talent Booking + Management

We have worked with just about every major talent in film, television, music, and games. D+D’s talent booking and management services are the best in the business. Like we do with our clients, we create a worry-free environment for talent that sets them up for success.

Audience Experience + Coordination

D+D’s shows are built with the audience experience in mind, and that includes every aspect of a production both on-stage and off. Our hospitality is second-to-none, and our coordinators are devoted to creating experiences that audiences are excited to attend and remember fondly after they leave.

Experience Operations

We don’t just provide experiences for audiences, we can also run them. Good customer service is in our bones, from the partners who founded the company to the personnel running installations and activities on the floor.

Partnerships with Intellectual Rights holders

D+D has long been a trusted custodian of intellectual properties owned by the largest brands in the world, from Disney to Google and everywhere in between. We possess the reverence, the relationships, and the acumen to navigate every avenue of collaborative arrangements, trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, proprietary rights, co-branding, licensing, merchandising, marketing initiatives, and more, so the client can spend less time on the small details and more time on the big ideas.

Ticketing + Concession Modeling

Audience experience is everything, which is why D+D is committed to offering services in developing and implementing excellence in event monetization. We work to optimize revenue generation in both ticket sales to on-site concessions while providing maximum value to both customers and service providers, thanks to dynamic modeling that considers everything from demand analysis and pricing elasticity to the physical space where items are being sold.

Operations Planning + Management

We don’t just produce shows; we also run them. From hiring and training the staff to establishing the safety protocols to monitoring the whole thing and analyzing the data, Done+Dusted operations planning and management services are second-to-none.

Commercial + Business Model Planning

D+D knows that our greatest value is our ability to create value for our clients, which is why we offer commercial and business model planning services. We work with clients to formulate strategies that are informed, minimize risk, and create sustainable growth in a number of markets, all while holding continuous evaluations of said strategies to stay competitive and meet evolving market demands.

Live Streams Including Live Remote

Digital streaming and live remote have moved from the niche market to the mainstream, and D+D has been providing excellence in the medium since the beginning. Whether the audience is remote or the talent is, we create experiences that rival those of in-person events by using the latest industry-standard software and top-of-the-line hardware.

Full Broadcast Integration, Equipment + Crew

Broadcast is our specialty, and we are always prepared to seamlessly integrate it into any production in full or in part. We use the latest and greatest industry-standard equipment and bring a team of experienced crew to add broadcast elements to any show in a manner that works wonderfully on-camera without breaking audience immersion in the room.

Keynote Presentation + Graphic Design

We partner with the best of the best graphic design houses to create everything from keynote presentations to sizzle reels to on-site branding and beyond. We work closely with clients to make sure that every asset is engineered to maximize impact while remaining in-line with the desired look and feel of the entire production.

Editorial Packaging

Our editorial packaging service provides clients with video assets of their production that can then be used for everything from social media campaigns to soundbites.

Campaign Promotion

D+D curates and creates original, high-quality assets for socials and sizzles to arm client marketing teams with the tools they need to raise awareness, build anticipation, and boost KPI’s. We work in concert with the artist + core creative teams of the production, ensuring that campaign promotion is built as a natural extension of the project holistically, not as an afterthought.

Creative Development

From one off pop-ups to permanent LBEs, from immersive experiences to theme park spectaculars, our experienced team conceives, develops, and visualizes cutting-edge ticketed productions across a range of disciplines.

Scriptwriting, Casting + Design

With access to leading writers, actors, and creatives, we handle every aspect of the creative and production process to create world-class theatrical and immersive entertainment.

Licensing + Partnerships

D+D offer unparalleled customizability, tailoring activations to our brand and licensing partners' unique specifications. Our seamless brand integration puts our partners at the center of the event’s narrative and each guest's unique experience.

Location + Lease Procurement

Location, Location, Location is the mantra - but easier said than done. The real estate is usually the biggest cost and the most important decision in the cycle of standing up a new show or experience. D+DX has built a team of real estate experts and advisors alongside location scouts on both sides of the Atlantic. This enables us to secure highly desirable sites and realize more dynamic and flexible business models and partnerships with landlords and estate operators.

Business Modelling + Planning

A brilliant idea goes nowhere without the business plan and approach that sits behind it. Emerging entertainment and hospitality platforms demand new solutions and innovations. When approaching new projects, we utilize measurement and metric tools to achieve sustainable business models to secure the best results. This includes the interrogation of revenue sources, competitor and market analysis, operation optimization, risk management, cashflow, and the endless building and rebuilding of the model to stand up to intense due diligence and sensitivity analysis.

Ticketing + Concessions

Our approach is always to work with the best ticketing partners and suppliers, from the boutique to the major players. Dynamic pricing and concession models allied to data sources, algorithmic based tools and market insights and analysis all from part of our always-on approach to securing the right ticketing plan.

Operations Management + Planning

We provide a full service for ticketed productions, from feasibility studies through to weekly management of long-running shows, including show maintenance, production accountancy, investor relations and general management.

Technology, Capture + Merchandise

We work with state-of-the-art technology, ranging from facial recognition and volumetric capture, to RFID, XR, and Unreal Engine. We constantly monitor emerging technologies and partner with industry leaders to ensure D+D remains at the forefront of technological innovation. Our technological infrastructure allows us to create uniquely personalized digital merchandise for each guest in real-time, offering a truly ground-breaking experience.