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Melanie Fletcher

Melanie Fletcher

CEO - North America

About / Partners

Done+Dusted partner and C.E.O of North America Melanie Fletcher is a savvy, straight talking, strategic leader. An Aussie trailblazer with a 25-year track record delivering on ambitious, technically challenging productions across the globe, Melanie’s that person who everyone wants in the trenches with them.

Melanie joined Done+Dusted in 2000 and with her unique mix of business acumen and ambition, Melanie has broken through the proverbial glass ceiling to help guide D+D from a boutique London-based production company to a global entertainment group.

In 2022 she took on the role of C.E.O of North America with a vision of aggressive growth leveraging the brand’s creative talent and passion to tell stories into a range of new markets. Melanie’s superpower is fostering relationships, creating a unique company culture that attracts and retains the world’s best creatives and retaining partnerships with clients that span major Networks, Streamers, Brands and a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Melanie guided D+D through what was unarguably the toughest period of the company’s history. For a company that paid the bills by bringing people together, Covid should have sunk Done+Dusted but Melanie and the 6 company partners doubled down on its culture of innovation, ingenuity and an unapologetic search for excellence and quickly asserted itself as the go-to company for virtual production.

A born entrepreneur Melanie is now laser focused on new markets for Done+Dusted with new business verticals including Original Series + Specials, Immersive Experiences, Brand + Gaming events + content.

Melanie is passionate about diversifying the industry especially when it comes to gender equality and stands shoulder to shoulder with young women wanting to break through.