46th UAE National Day ABU DHABI 2017

The UAE looked to the future at the 46th National Day Celebrations in Abu Dhabi, in December 2017, which Done and Dusted were honoured to create and produce hand in hand with our many partners from The UAE.

The hour long event took place in a custom built temporary stadium and was attended by The UAE Royal family and Leaders, Senior State Officials, Heads of Government, Representatives of the Armed Forces and Police and local Citizens.

As it enters its 47th year as a union, the UAE’s official national day celebrations in Abu Dhabi highlighted advanced technology and the promise it holds for the country, now and in its future.

The event programme featured a three-scene and 11-chapter programme showcasing how self-driving and flying vehicles, smart robots, renewable energy and many other innovations will lay the foundation for the country’s development plans to propel it into the future.

The UAE is also pioneering space exploration in the Middle East with an unmanned probe to Mars set to launch in 2020 and its plans to have a colony on Mars by 2117.

Put simply the Emirates future looks so bright, its citizens better wear shades.

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