U2 Elevation BOSTON 2001

"My favourite band and one of the first big things I ever really did. This was live on US TV during the basketball play-offs. Just before we hit this moment a young kid had been dragged up on stage by Edge. He had been heckling in the crowd and Edge just said 'come on up and play the riff then!' NBC TV execs were going mad in the truck – they wanted U2 not some college kid. With 20 seconds to go Ned managed to get in Edges eyeline and get the kid off stage! The tracking shot is the only shot I had planned in the entire show. A perfect balance of music, performance, light, staging and camera working together. As this shot develops you can see me in the truck screaming for joy. I had a tear in my eye. Thanks to Jake Berry for fighting with the fire marshall to get the track and dolly in the GA floor." - Hamish Hamilton

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