The Life RX Live With Jude Law LONDON 2016

Hollywood actor Jude Law teamed up with Lexus Europe to create a streamed improvised performance, staged across London’s theatre land and from the driving seat of the new Lexus RX. The stage and screen legend embarked upon a unique journey in which he took to the streets of London’s Soho relying on the real time narrative design of the viewing audience and his own stagecraft.

The interactive storyline follows him as he attempts to assemble an ensemble cast to put on an amazing one-of- a-kind performance for a live theatre audience. In order to achieve his mission, he receives ‘on the road’ stage and script direction from viewers, challenging him to sharpen his artistic skills along the way.

Meeting Russian Chef and TV presenter Alexei Zimin, British spoken word poet, Sabrina Mahfouz, visiting Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club to collect his composer James Gardiner-Bateman and travelling to a London art gallery to pick up renowned street artist, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.

The evening hosted by Danny Wallace, and concluded by Laura Mvula joining Jude and his collaborators on stage to perform her latest single, Overcome.

Although not the biggest show Done + Dusted has done it was technically a massive accomplishment and a we believe a it was a first, giving the public a chance to watch a commercial made live. To add to that, we decided to stretch the boundaries by broadcasting live from a car driving around central London and from four venues in Soho. It required a combination of radio cameras and some very high aerials, broadband connections and some very clever mobile phone technology. The Box Soho was the heart of the operation with a full TV rig installed inside the highest room in the building - think lots of very heavy kit and loads of stairs. 

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