Robbie Williams Live LONDON 2001

"The BBC Wanted to do this show in Fountain Studios. I has seen Rob record the album in LA and was taken by his total passion for the music. Fountain seemed karaoke Sinatra to me... the set that had been designed was not what I had in mind. Robbie's managers Tim and David felt the same. Long story short - The Albert Hall was booked and for 'One Night Only' became the mission. I remember walking into the Albert Hall with Ian and Lee and saying we need to make this Vegas for the night. Bill Laslett created the enormous RW and we had to really push hard to black the front of all the boxes and hang a strip of flourescent light between them – I have never seen the Albert Hall look so good. Grannies were traded openly for tickets, Rob nailed it and we were nominated for a Grammy. One of my favourite all time shows I have had the pleasure to be a part of." - Hamish Hamilton

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