Coldplay Live SYDNEY 2003

The first time I ever used film the budget was so tiny I did the camerawork myself with a 5th hand camera I had bought for £100. Needless to say the film didn’t come out very well because the camera was broken and I didn’t know.  So in a panic I bought some old super 8 porn at a car boot sale, dug it in the garden for a week, dug it up again and edited it into a kind of organic soft porn music promo. The German band thought it was genius. Somehow I doubt whether Coldplay would have accepted a 4 minute soft porn film as a replacement for their live DVD so I had kittens that what I had planned was going to work. Never the one for an easy life the shoot involved staggered cameras, different stocks and double exposures, all of which had to be precisely timed. Thank god I had Mel on my side ‘The Organisational Queen’.

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