Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals TOKYO 2018

The Clash Royal League’s debut season culminated December 1, 2018 at its World Finals in Tokyo, in which the six top regional teams battled it out for the first championship. Ultimately, Chinese team Nova Esports prevailed, toppling Latin American underdog Vivo Keyd at the Makuhari Messe convention center.

Supercell’s League has been an interesting one from the start, putting a strong emphasis on its mobile platform and community to shape both the competitive and viewing experience. From an open starting competition that included 25 million players to smartphone-friendly portrait-oriented streams in North America and Europe, the Clash Royale League presented itself as the first large-scale mobile esport that didn’t simply follow the PC/console playbook.

For Supercell, choosing Tokyo was an opportunity to continue its League ethos of doing things differently than other esports leagues, but the decision also played into what the company saw as strong local support for the game and competitive scene. The loud audience cheering for local team PONOS Sports on Saturday seemed to confirm that hunch.

This was Done + Dusted's second World Finals event.

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