Philip Richmond

Philip Richmond

Company Director - Middle East

Armed with a passion for beautifully designed show production and an education at the illustrious BRIT School in London, Philip began touring the world with renowned bands and DJs at just 18 years old - a move that would quickly turn his vocation into a life-changing experience.


Fast forward, and Philip has become a seasoned pro, having produced events of all shapes and sizes across the globe, and gaining a reputation for his exceptional technical proficiency and high standards. Spending 8 years in the UAE, he spearheaded some of the country's most prominent events, making him a true master of his craft.


Philip's drive for innovative technology and cost-effective solutions is second to none. So it was only a matter of time before he combined his years of expertise as a technical and production director, production designer, and lighting expert, to join forces with Katrine and open the Done+Dusted Middle East office. Together, they deliver unforgettable and spectacular sports, broadcast, and cultural events that truly bring stories to life.

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