Hamish Hamilton

Hamish Hamilton

Director/ Executive Producer

Hamish Hamilton has an illustrious career as one of the most influential creative luminaries in the world. 

He has directed and executive produced countless ceremonies, parades, award shows, concerts and unique special events across the world.

He is a global authority on live events and a cultural influencer of the highest caliber; he cultivates a creative ecosystem within every team he joins and every project he takes on. From broad stroke concept development to the specifics of camera angles and story telling techniques, his skill is unmatched.

Hamish has achieved major acclaim and industry recognition. He has 2 BAFTA Awards, a Peabody Award, Multiple Moonmen, and both Grammy and Emmy nominations. His name is featured on 30 million DVD boxes around the world and there is not a contemporary performer to date that he has not had the honour and pleasure of working with. 

In February 2022 he directed his 12th consecutive Super Bowl Half Time Show featuring Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige and Kendrick Lemar, the most watched annual event broadcast in the world.

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