Sony takes you behind the scenes with U2 in Paris

Hamish Hamilton’s credits as a director and executive producer of live multi-camera television events include marquee productions like the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the MTV Music Video Awards, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the Olympics and the Academy Awards. He’s won Peabody Awards and BAFTAs and has been nominated for Grammys and Emmys. But the job that may have meant the most to him personally was his most recent: U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris,  lmed live for HBO.

The U2 assignment was also perhaps the most complex of Hamilton’s career, and unusual in that it would be broadcast live on HBO, and
simultaneously recorded for a DVD to be edited together later from three performances. A work ow that mixed 4K F55 shots and imagery from other formats from dozens of cameras headed the list of technical challenges. Other tragic shocks were also in store for all concerned.

“We de nitely have story points and emotions that we need to hit, but the important thing is to capture the ebb and  ow,” he says. “Everybody has to be moving as a team. We have a structure. The entire team understands the story of each song. But sometimes there are many di erent roads to the same conclusion. How we get there doesn’t matter as much. If everybody understands the overall plan and the overall feeling and emotion, then it’s all good. If you go into it with

an absolutely rigid mindset, you’ll come out with something that feels really dry and disassociated from the emotion of the evening.”

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Sony takes you behind the scenes with U2 in Paris

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