Done + Dusted is excited to annouce a joint-venture with Attention Seekers, that is designed to bring large-scale live entertainment and new thinking in showcasing competitive gaming to the general public and offer live-event expertise to the games industry.

To be known as AD+D, the new business will be based in Santa Monica, with the remit of helping the games industry innovate and raise the profile of live events including consumer experiences and media briefings as well as bringing a level of invention of formats and entertainment to the burgeoning competitive gaming scene.

AD+D arose after many years of successful collaborations between the two companies and the realisation that between them they possess complementary skills and expertise that could be harnessed to deliver compelling content in the gaming sector.

Attention Seekers will bring its understanding of videogames and authenticity in that space, plus its expertise in creating bespoke video content, both online and in a live context, to the joint-venture; whilst Done + Dusted, renowned for its work on some of the highest-profile live shows on the planet including the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,  Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies of London 2012 and tours by artists such as U2 and Katy Perry, brings an unparalleled reputation for creating breath-taking, groundbreaking live extravaganzas.

Thanks to the likes of Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live, all platforms on which Attention Seekers has a vast amount of experience, participation and spectator levels for competitive gaming are at an all-time high, but the mainstream TV industry has, as yet, failed to embrace the opportunity this ever growing audience offers. One of AD+D’s key aims is to use its specialist knowledge to give broadcasters the confidence to commission more programmes centred on competitive gaming, accelerating its inevitable move into the popular mainstream.

From planning to production, AD+D will provide an unrivalled one-stop shop for companies wanting to deliver creative, entertaining and highly memorable live events & broadcasts to consumers and media alike. With much of the gaming industry centred in North America, AD+D has set up shop with its West Coast office to be on hand to work directly with the games companies, platforms and broadcasters.

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