D+D 2.0

Done+DustedX was born out of our obsessive belief that consumers and fans of all forms of culture are ever more driven by a need to immerse themselves in and engage with real life experiences. We are working with global rights-holders, ticketing and promoting partners, third party creators, makers and investors to deliver high-end live experiences in a diverse range of areas from the theatrical adaptation of popular television franchises, books, movies and music, to development of original immersive concepts around the mind, body and imagination.

Whilst we continue to produce events and broadcast productions working with the leading brands, artists and broadcasters on the planet, we are now beginning to work alongside a variety of partners to develop new entertainment concepts and platforms of our own.

We are, at heart, collaborators, partners and friends to all. We are open to everything and everyone. Later this year we will be announcing our first initiatives taking place in China and the UK. In the mean time, please contact [email protected] to learn more and find out how you can get involved in partnering with us to create world class entertainment.